Want to energize your decor? Disparate wooden chairs repainted in the same color are a good idea!
It is sometimes difficult to choose the special accessory that will bring a touch of style to your decor. As winter draws to a close, it’s time to take your inner look and add a little something out of the ordinary. I would like to offer you some ideas to help you boost your home. Here are some tips easy to make yourself … or almost!

For the walls 

Add a wall mural to an accent wall by customizing it at several suppliers. You will have the choice to order a high-definition image provided in their photo banks or to use your own personalized image. This product installs a bit like wallpaper, but installation service is often offered. I immediately think of www.muralunique.com

Play with textures by applying textured MDF panels. There are now several available patterns other than rhinestone, whether in the form of smooth waves or upholstery. Easy to install, these large format panels are lightweight and can be repainted.

Create a set of frames with a mismatched look. Play with shapes and colors. First you have to do ground tests. Prefer an oval global shape (for all frames) and do not forget to create reminders by arranging certain shapes, colors or styles. It is also advisable to leave the center of the wall with an interesting setting and work around. You could also keep a common thread by using a color unit in the images.

The furniture 

Change the two end chairs to your dining room set for two new ones of different colors or shapes. You could also find several disparate wooden chairs at the junk shop and repaint them all the same color. Here we vary the shapes while keeping a lode in the shade and the material.

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Get an extra chair different from the rest of the set in the living room. Playful, with a texture or a special pattern, you will get an interesting focal point.

Repaint an old dresser or old vintage dresser in a bright color. Create an old-fashioned effect by using a cracker or add patterns using stencils. Add a touch of gold for a guaranteed effect.

The accessories 

Add a larger than life accessory. Hang a giant clock on the wall, drop a particular shaped floor lamp or add a long-haired or differently shaped rug, etc. This kind of accessory will certainly attract attention.

A good way to revitalize a more neutral decor is certainly to add cushions, vases or frames possessing a pop and playful side. A nod to the 60s and 70s through childlike objects. I think of large retro posters or famous cushions with animal prints.

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