5 tips to showcase your house for sale

5 tips to showcase your house for sale

The experts of MADE REAL ESTATE give you their advice that your property is selling quickly and at the best price.

Here are the 5 tips from the experts of MADE REAL ESTATE , real estate agency in Biarritz and its region,

Salespeople, sellers, make HOME STAGING!

If you have to remember only one thing about home staging, it is to attract future buyers by building on the strengths of your home.  But where do you start when you want to do home staging? If it sounds simple, tidying up is the first thing to do. So if you have not dusted your furniture, tidied your desk, or washed your bathroom for some time, now is the time to do it!

In case you have a decoration too pronounced , it will take on you, because your decorative tastes are not necessarily those of your potential buyers. You can then add a touch of decoration (soft of course) to your property. It is not a question here of redoing all the decoration, but of buying one or two frames to hang on the wall, a design lamp to arrange on your small piece of furniture that you have recently repainted!  These are just small adjustments, but they can make a difference. It should not be forgotten that 90% of real estate purchases are made on a crush during the first 90 seconds of the visit.

Depersonalize your home, a must!

At MADE REAL ESTATE, it is strongly recommended to opt for a neutral style decoration. If you have extravagant or unusual goods, set aside the time for the sale of your property. As you walk through the front door of your home, visitors will have to identify with your home from the first second. It’s the same for personal items: to help the potential buyer to project, it is advisable to limit as much as possible photos or portraits of your family.

Nothing beats the white

It’s time to give a stroke of paint! Indeed, a wall in poor condition or too old will give your visitors the impression that your real estate is run down. If you have no idea for color, do not panic. Choose white. Nothing like color to give more light to your room. The white will also remind your visitors that they are in a clean and hygienic place. Ash gray or linen are also good colors to make your home neutral, but warm.

Think about optimizing the space

Your house is clean, the paintings redone, the minor damage repaired and the furniture and decorative accessories purchased. You can now furnish your home. But be careful, think about doing it by optimizing your space. For example, the visitor must be able to move around freely in your home. To do this, be careful not to disturb the opening of the doors and not to encumber narrow passages.

Take a professional photographer to promote your property

Today, the majority of real estate is sold over the Internet. The photos are therefore one of your major arguments to attract the attention of potential buyers. For this, you can fend for yourself, with your smartphone or camera, but it is at your own risk … Better to call  a professional photographer. It will highlight each piece of your property, using the right angles of view, looking for the right light and can advise you for the layout of your decoration.  Calling a professional photographer at a cost, but your return on investment will be considerable!

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