In the series “I am inspired by contemporary interiors in the wood palette + neutral shades + black metal” for our future development, I propose this very chic house located in West London. It has been renovated by interior designer Jason MacLean  in 2016.

I make a fixette on this type of palette. For me, the wood (the real), the stone, the metal … all these so-called “raw” materials of good quality pass more easily the test of the passage of time than the rest. Moreover, it was the starting postulate of the owners:

The old house of 400 m2 has abandoned all its ostentatious elements of the early twentieth: carpets, brocades, chandeliers and pendants, for a clean, minimalist decor . The volumes are thus sublimated. The black elements emphasize them and bring contrast. As for the pieces of vintage furniture, as well as the very beautiful luminaries manufactured by the Manufacture Wo & Wé in Lyon, they bring this touch of chic décontraction.

This house is luxurious in these facilities and the choice of materials and furniture, but it retains a certain relaxation. An easygoing house, not pretentious, family, warm (when it will be really inhabited).

An antique and contemporary custom kitchen

The kitchen is a model of the MacLean Studio’s Yellow Dot Kitchen series . The cabinets and cabinets are in cherry essence with white marble worktops, including custom marble sinks.

The choice of the right materials

I’m thinking a lot right now about the quality of materials. Like many things, choosing beautiful, good and healthy materials at a cost. That’s what makes the difference between a lambda interior and this one. For our inner future, I’m looking for the right compromise. To find beautiful, good and healthy materials, there is no secret, it is necessary to either leave the checkbook or have time: look at the side of the recovery , end of the series, promotions …


Black and its derivatives are interesting to emphasize the architectural elements, the passages, to give perspective … The choice of the black and white is a decorative exercise more delicate to implement than it appears at first sight. It can quickly create a cold atmosphere, because too much contrast, especially if one accentuates the contribution of black. However, adding wood (hot element) to the pallet makes it easier to exercise

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