Air conditioners- Available in a variety of models and specifications

Air conditioners- Available in a variety of models and specifications

With the soaring temperatures outside especially in Northern part of the country, there is invariably an increasing demand for air conditioners. Also the weather conditions in the southern, eastern and western part of our country do not make it any easier to tolerate the extremely hot and humid conditions.

Air conditioners have become a part and parcel of our daily life from April till October months. In case of an existing air conditioner, it is important to have proper servicing done before the start of the season. The refrigerant needs to be re-filled, the air filters and compressors need tuning to make sure that the air conditioner runs without fuss through the months.

If thinking of buying new air conditioners evaluate all the necessary requirements with the features of the top selling brands and then take a decision between a window ac, spilt ac and an inverter ac.  Few of the features that need focus are:-

  1. A window ac is good for a small room with 2-3 family members. A spilt ac or inverter ac is apt for a slightly bigger space.
  2. For split ac, there needs to be ample space outdoor in and around the outdoor unit of the ac as the heat generated from this unit needs to be emitted out properly for the conditioner to be effective.
  3. Power consumption versus savings in the electricity bills. Buying an effective ac and paying a little more in the beginning can help save lots of money on the electricity bills later. An energy efficient ac might cost more but its main task is to provide cooling at lesser watts.
  4. The BEE star rating of the air conditioner as it directly indicates the efficiency levels of the AC in terms of consuming electricity and effectiveness
  5. The number of ac’s required for a particular space needs to be wisely decided. Instead of buying a 3 ton split ac one can actually buy two 5 ton split ac for the same space. It helps as one of the ac’s can be switched off when only a particular area in that entire space needs cooling.
  6. After sale service, warranty periods, discounts being offered, EMI schemes are also additional features that one should look into.
  7. Lastly delve into the financials – your budget versus the air conditioner prices. Indian make air conditioners are good with similar cooling capacities as the foreign manufactured ones at cheaper prices, so one might consider this aspect while deciding. For some the brand value is more important, they can choose from the top brands. For some the luxury factor is the most significant reason, they can then choose from the higher end ones.

Point is that before considering the financials, one needs to study the brands and the models available.

Since the technicalities are important, it is a good idea to access online sites and the company websites for in-depth information.  It’s easier to compare with views of the model images. It helps! Visit the reputed shopping platform for an honest information guide to the various brands and models available in the Indian market.  There are lots of discount offers and other deals that would help you to order the ac online from an online shopping platform.

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