Designing an office at home: tips from interior designers

Designing an office at home: tips from interior designers

As more and more people choose to work from home, setting up an office in the heart of their home has become something quite common. However, it is sometimes difficult to achieve this because of lack of space. Here are some tips on this.

First, it may not be necessary to build an entire room to make an office. Indeed, the dining room can perfectly fulfill this function provided that the components of the said office is perfectly integrated in the space. Already, it is better to opt for a table whose dimensions are not too large so that it can easily turn into a workspace.

Some unexpected spaces can also accommodate an office. This can be a corridor a bit wide, an old closet, a niche that can be closed. The whole thing is to have a minimum of hindsight to be able to position a flat surface on which to work, and a chair. The desk can also be foldable.

The space dedicated to the office can also be optimized if it is only a simple extension of the room. The space can then be materialized by a simple piece of furniture attached to a cupboard as a tablet. As a result, the space reserved for the work is once again clearly defined and the circulation in the room is optimized to the maximum. In this case, the presence of accessories is not essential. The goal is to make people forget that the office is there.

On the other hand, if one absolutely wishes to separate the office from the other rooms, then one will have to opt for a partitioning of the space. But to avoid isolating your workplace from the rest of your home, a removable partition seems to be the smart choice.

In the end, setting up an office at home is not as restrictive as you think. It’s simply a matter of clearly delineating your work area from the rest of your home without locking yourself into too isolated a space. It is also possible to annex a part of the corridor or to build a niche.

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