Discover our buying guide for a stylish and efficient home appliances

Discover our buying guide for a stylish and efficient home appliances

Are you looking for stylish and efficient home appliances for your kitchen? This is normal! Whether for the preparation of meals, cooking or food preservation, washing or steam aspiration, making the right choice of home appliances for your kitchen remains paramount. This is how you will feel perfectly in your new space. While robustness and performance are paramount in the selection of home appliances, design and energy consumption matter as much. The architects of My Cook My Coach have just written a buying guide to help you choose the big and small appliances that best fit your kitchen.

What appliances do you need in your kitchen?

For large household appliances, it is possible to mention the refrigerator, the dishwasher, the oven, the hob, the freezer, the extractor hood, the microwave oven and possibly the washing machine which sometimes finds its place in a kitchen when there is no laundry room provided in an interior. As for small appliances, we keep the toaster, the coffee maker, the robot, and many others that regularly arrive on the market.

Adopt your appliances according to your needs and the surface area you have

Depending on how much space you have and the number of people living under your roof, opt for appliances design and performance for your kitchen. Regarding the refrigerator, you have the choice between an American refrigerator, a refrigerator with one or two doors or a compact refrigerator. It is the same for the hob, you prefer it to induction, with gas hobs or ceramic hobs. As for the dishwasher, you will select the number of covers, the washing machine with an opening by porthole or from above, the extractor hood depending on the configuration of your home and the oven is steam or multifunction.

How to choose an efficient appliance?

Right now, we all see that electricity and water are expensive. Equipping efficient and eco-friendly appliances is therefore an excellent choice. Energy labels and pictograms on devices help identify devices that consume the least. The freezer and the refrigerator are two devices that work continuously. A reason to choose them according to the needs of your family in capacity (liters) and energy expenditure. If you are using electric cooking equipment, prefer infrared or induction hobs. They are more efficient than conventional plates or glass-ceramic surfaces. In case you bake a lot in the oven, choose one with a rotating heat. It will be easy for you to cook several dishes at the same time, which will save you time and reduce your energy consumption. Install a washing machine whose capacity is adapted to your needs: a machine of 4 to 5 kg is ideal for one or two people whereas for a family of 3 to 4 people, a model of 7 kg is more adapted. All this thinking is the same for all your other devices.

How to choose a home appliance design?

Before choosing your appliance, you have two last questions to ask you. Do you want integrable or free-standing devices? What style do you want to offer to your kitchen: contemporary, modern, rustic, industrial? Depending on your answers, you should harmoniously match each small or large device with the coatings, materials and colors for a perfect aesthetic. Thus, the current trend favors timeless colors such as gray and white, clean lines, matte closed facades that leave impeccable cooking, or bright furniture combined with a marble worktop.

Our interior designers from Ma Cuisine My Coach will accompany you in your project

Appliance design and performance for your kitchen, this is the solution that offers you to study with you our interior designers . The harmony of a kitchen is sometimes complicated to realize for a non professional. That’s why the interior designers of Ma Cuisine Mon Coach offer to accompany you in your tailor-made and high-end project. Just make an appointment, expose your wishes and your budget. Your first meeting with one of our architects is free and is held at your home. While taking into account your desires, he will advise you. As a result, he will send you a quote free of charge and plans in 3D. Our prices are studied to the most just and after each commitment our architects follow and coordinate your work

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