Elise Fouin, the subject in focus

Elise Fouin, the subject in focus

Elise Fouin explores and tames the material to create pieces as poetic as they are ingenious. Portrait of a balancing artist.

It is first with her hands that Elise Fouin  transfigures matter. Attentive to the behavior of materials, the designer puts on the unexpected. Paper, wood, metal, glass and plastic, she sets her sights on the neglected and unexploited falls and scraps she tracks in factories, then transforms them, because “nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. “.

Photo: “Butterfly” suspension, Forestier, 2015

In balance between the Burgundian / Franche-Comté nature, her native region, the hand-made and the desire for culture, from a very young age Elise Fouin practices visual arts, drawing, painting and dance. Ambivalent, she moved to Paris and trained at Boulle school , first in goldsmithing, then she went from manufacturing to design to finally turn to furniture design. Like a tightrope walker, picking up here and there, Elise Fouin completes her double training in 2003 and successfully presents a realization in paper, a material that will become her signature.

After a spell at Andrée Putman then at the Global Design department of Galeries Lafayette, Elise Fouin founds her Parisian studio which she likes to call “curious cabinet”. In 2010, she is a Talent à la Carte at Maison & Objet . Since then, the designer has designed the scenography of salons or restaurants and collaborated with institutions, brands, luxury groups such as L’Oréal or French publishers such as Petite Friture or Forestier for whom she created, in 2015, the suspension bestseller “Butterfly”, inspired by lampshade carcasses.

bell tower elise fouin

Photo:  suspension “Bell Tower”,  Granville Gallery Edition, 2017

Perpetually on standby to feed her personal laboratory, this researcher experiments everything. Recognized for her work on paper and light, Elise Fouin was particularly devoted to her first personal exhibition, “ID-Entite” at the Granville Gallery in 2017. Between poetry, lightness and the rigor of design, Elise Fouin appropriates the material to better reinvent it.

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