How to cool your apartment?

to cool your apartment

Installing an air conditioning in an apartment can require complex work, requiring the agreement of the condominium. Find out all the points to consider if you plan to install an air conditioning system in your home.

Install a home air conditioning: The preliminary steps

The installation of an air conditioning system requires complex work, especially if you want to have a built-in air conditioning . Therefore, if you want to cool your home and if it also needs renovation, it is recommended to integrate this project as part of all the work to be done. Indeed, if you do this integration, you can negotiate a better price with the craftsman you have selected after making your call for tenders. This will also maximize the integration possibilities of your air cooling system.

On the other hand, the agreement of the co-ownership is essential for this work can be done. As a result, you must report your project to your trustee who may need to request an authorization from the general meeting of co-owners. If this is the case, you will have to wait for the vote of the assembly.

After having obtained this agreement, it is necessary to define the parts that will have to be air-conditioned, because the installation works are expensive. It is therefore wise to evaluate the interest of installing a built- in air conditioning in the entrance, in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

The essentials to cool your home

For the installation to be discreet, it is possible to embed its constituent elements in formwork, in moldings or in false ceilings. Thus, you can buy mouthpieces that can be easily integrated in moldings so as to be inconspicuous and provide a harmonious rendering with the style of your home.

In addition, for your installation to be both efficient and energy efficient, professionals should be asked which systems are best suited to the characteristics of your apartment . In particular, ask them which model of plemnum will best optimize the temperature of each room according to its exposure. Indeed, this type of system makes it possible to adapt the temperature of each zone concerned. As a result, it is possible to further cool the rooms that are facing south and to spend less energy for the air conditioning of your apartment, on parts less exposed to the sun.

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