How to decorate a living room?

decorate a living room

The living room is the main room of a house. This room is used both to spend time with families and to receive guests. The lounges offer great freedom in terms of interior decoration . Indeed, the number of elements composing the furniture and the decorative elements of this room are the most numerous and offer the most choice among all the rooms of a house.

To decorate a salon, it is necessary to consider various criteria. The first is to harmonize furniture and decorative elements. The goal is to create an atmosphere and an atmosphere by matching the various furniture. For this, it is advisable to choose in the first place the style to adopt: modern, vintage, design, retro, classic, contemporary , … This will serve as a basis and facilitate the choice of furniture and especially decorative elements (curtains, carpets, artwork of art , chandeliers, lamps, …) while harmonizing them. Once the style chosen, the second trick is to ensure not to overload the decoration of the living room.

Too much furniture or decorative elements will make the room less convenient because of its size, but also less aesthetic because the various elements will no longer be highlighted due to a crowding effect.

How to decorate a bedroom?

Bedrooms are the most important rooms after the show. Despite the fact that it is a private room, its decoration is as important as that of a living room . Before decorating a bedroom, keep in mind that this room is for rest and relaxation. The decoration of a bedroom must therefore be based on the soothing side, but also comfortable. Zen , contemporary and cocooning styles are particularly preferred because they combine comfort, functionality and design. Like the living room, the decoration of a bedroom must be done on the basis of a style in order to harmonize the whole.

The choice of full bedrooms offers an excellent base for decorating: bed, bedside tables, wardrobe, chest of drawers and dressing table. You only have to integrate the different elements (carpets, tables, lamps, mirrors, …). Be careful to respect the chosen style as well as the colors. It is also important to moderate the number of furniture and decorative elements in a bedroom. As for the show, the goal is to highlight the furniture, without doing too much. You thus preserve the functionality of the room and its aesthetic appearance.

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