You have a project in mind, but you are confused between the different speakers available? Do you have an idea of ​​your needs, but are you afraid to not hire the right person to guide you through the renovation process? When we pay for a service, we want it to click and especially we want to get the expected result! Do not worry, you’re normal! There are many options available to you during a renovation project, today I explain the difference between two of the main players in the field of design.

What is the role of the decorator?

The decorator or stylist usually has a course in interior design, training in home staging or simply good taste. He has an exceptional flair for trends, accessories and materials such as fabrics, rugs and wallpapers (and much more!).

This person knows by heart the fashionable boutiques, he knows furniture and usually works with several collaborators, including a good seamstress who can concretize his ideas about window coverings and bedding for example.

If you have to review your color, make minor changes to a room or completely revamp your home, hire a decorator is the best way to manage orders, made-to-measure confections and finding decorating items to make people jealous.

It is normal to pay an hourly rate or package when you do business with a decorator. His job is to sell you his ideas and help you achieve them. It will save you time and minimize the risk of errors, while ensuring a successful look!

What does an interior designer do?

The interior designer often has a college diploma in interior design, a university degree or training at a recognized school. He has a greater knowledge of the constraints of the place. He can design renovation plans, write quotes and do site management.

He designs integrated furniture such as kitchen cabinets, wall units or commercial or institutional furniture. He works with architects, cabinetmakers, entrepreneurs and surrounds himself with several other professionals who can support and concretize his ideas. The interior designer is a great asset when it comes time to make major changes to your home.

As he cares as much about aesthetics as ergonomics, it is also in the details that the designer is essential. In addition to respecting pre-established budgets and deadlines, he will get you out of your comfort zone by pushing the concept according to his vision and creativity.

Decoration is an integral part of his job, but his hobby is rather the big changes. It is not uncommon for a designer to collaborate with decorators as an architect would do with designers.

Many are self-employed, but some are hired by firms or directly by general contractors. Some kitchen designers will prefer to work directly in the shop. These are specialized in kitchen cabinet design and their fees are included in the price offered by the retailer.

In all these cases, the important thing is to direct your choice to a professional whose skills match the scope of your project. It is recommended to check yourself the path of the person sought. By choosing someone competent, you make sure you make a good return on your investment and at the same time, have peace of mind.

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