Semi open kitchen: What amenities?

Semi open kitchen What amenities

Our lifestyles evolve, once cloisonné, the kitchen tends more and more to open. While fully open American-style kitchens are more and more common in homes, some are still reluctant to this idea. Fortunately, there is an ideal compromise: the semi open kitchen.

However, the development of a semi-open kitchen requires some thought in its design and implementation.

A semi-open kitchen opens onto a living room, without being fully integrated, unlike an open kitchen. This separation can be done through a glass roof, a cloister, a pillar … We will detail this point in the following paragraphs.

When you want to open your kitchen on another room, it is imperative to choose the areas that will be highlighted, and those that will be hidden. It is important to highlight the surfaces, the materials, and to hide as much as possible the areas that host the household appliances, the sink, the garbage … These areas such as cooking, preparation can be hidden behind a bar, an island, or a partition. Thus, will be visible from the living room, as clean areas, such as the dining area, closet facades, or a work plan.

The separation between the living space and the semi-open kitchen can be done via a pillar, a canopy, a partition, a cloister, depending on the atmosphere you want to create and the structure of your space. It’s a case-by-case solution.

The installation of a glass partition is ideal to avoid being cut too much from other rooms. The latter has the advantage of isolating cooking odors. In addition, this type of development brings a modern touch to the kitchen and a significant additional brightness that will certainly enhance.

Regarding furniture, it is better to prefer closed cupboards, so that the least household appliances are visible. Try to treat this semi-open kitchen as if it were an extension of your living room, with shelves to put books, decoration … Try to choose rather matte surfaces that are more discreet than lacquered.

The delimitation of space can also be governed by a certain play on the different materials that make up the room. By combining different shades such as black, white or wood, it gives the illusion that each thing has a specific feature. This will, depending on the layout of the kitchen, ensure the transition to the dining room that can also take some materials. This will create a kind of continuity between the two pieces

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