In the middle of thinking about the layout of our future kitchen, I continue my exploration of minimalist cuisine. For some time, I have accumulated images in my Pinterest board . They are relaxing and make you want to cook, to mess them up to better put them in order. They give me a glimpse of the pleasure of having a place for everything, because that is what I imagine in minimalism = facilitated life.

I think that anyway, at home,  it will always be a little messy : like the pack of choco BN lying around. It will never be completely nickel, like the breadcrumbs of the last meal that were not swept, in short the everyday life of everyone. Nevertheless I wish that this disorder is not accentuated by superfluous elements from where my wish to simplify the decoration. Does this speak to you?


01 | Well thought out furniture

There are many solutions to optimize storage, to clear the work plan. In order to easily and cleverly create small surfaces, IXINA has designed XL furniture .

|What is XL furniture?

Like me, you have to imagine furniture for giant. It’s a little more than that. The XL furniture range offers 10% more storage space on low furniture.  And good news, it is available for almost all IXINA kitchen models. They allow optimal organization, especially for large utensils, and can be accessorized with swivel storage or sliding fittings. The corner cabinets are themselves without separation. To avoid losing any space and optimizing the storage space at the top, Ixina also offers high-rise furniture up to the ceiling.

02 | Furniture without decor

Smooth cupboard doors without moldings are ideal if you’re aiming for a minimalist kitchen. Matte coating, shiny, wood, but mostly no frills, what is interesting is to play with the other elements of the kitchen: worktop, floor, faucet … to blow the hot and cold without overloading the decor.

03 | The absence of handle

Because the handles are often visually heavy, the solution is to opt for closet doors where they are discreetly integrated. Cooks have multiplied the solutions: invisible notches, round holes, squares, pushers …

04 | The absence of tall cupboards

To not weigh down the decor, I quite like this idea of ​​not putting closets in height. Some will say to me: and storage? I concede it, it removes storage possibilities, but there are solutions. XL furniture by Ixina allows optimal organization of the lower cabinets, including their corner cupboards that are offered without separation and baseboards reduced for more storage space. You can also go slow cooking . There, I’m not talking about layout, but how to cook by reducing appliances, utensils and basic groceries.

05 – The lack of credence

I continue by removing elements that seem essential to you, like the credence. This idea does not come from me, but from my blogger friend Ilaria who was questioning us lately about this question: Do we really need a credence? Yes No ?   Thinking about it, maybe not so much. For those who could not live without it, the alternative is to integrate a credence on 10/15 cm in the same material as the work plan.

06 | Concealed household appliances

An evidence. Appliance manufacturers have struggled in recent years to develop products that we do not necessarily use every day. They also worked a lot on their design. The idea is not to make everything disappear, but to think carefully about those we really need. [Numbers of bloggers have written articles about it. ] Thus, we will hide those who are not necessarily interesting visually like the dishwasher.

07 | A reduced palette

Minimalist cuisine is not necessarily ”  neutral  ” as the Anglo-Saxons say. It can be in color, but in general, I recognize, the minimalist kitchens use a palette neutral, not necessarily white. Thus the kitchen of the blogger Nina Holst combines cupboards and worktop matte black [without credence] and a wall color “mastic”.

 08 | The care of details

Minimalist cuisine does not mean asceticism. The idea is to purify, to separate from all the superfluous to keep only the essential. This essential is not necessarily useful. This can be a beautiful object that does not necessarily have a function, but that we find beautiful and that we will highlight. We will take care of the details by opting for little, but of good quality and durable.

9 | The art of making warm a minimalist kitchen

It would be interesting to develop a whole article on this question, because there would be a lot to say: to work on the alliance of materials and colors, to choose well its accessories or to take care of the light. I leave you with this last white and bright kitchen [which I do not necessarily like at the base, because cold]. Nevertheless, the glossy aspect is here moderated by the wooden floor and the bay window style workshop “glass roof” which overlooks the garden. I recognize it, it works

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