The tiles in interior design, it can be a real deco asset, like something completely lead. Everything depends on the tomette, the place and the spirit that one wants to give to its interior. It must be said, there are soil tomette ugly, very present that we would like to see disappear. That’s why I wrote an article about  tame or revook this terracotta floor  (and all ugly tiles in general). Which is not always easy when you do not have the budget or rent. The best is acceptance and integration, the use of large carpets.

We could also cry scandal. ”  No, you’re not going to touch this authentic soil!  In hyper-classified areas like old Lyon, homeowners can not even touch their floor.

So why tomettes?

I repeat everything depends on the look of the tomette. When I see the interior of the creators of the ceramic house Astier de Villatte, I tell myself that I really want to have the same . It’s beautiful because they are very weathered, pink, bleached. At the same time, the general style of this interior is not mine, too rustic, not contemporary enough.

No tomettes in our future interior, nor seal in general except the beautiful height under ceiling. It is therefore for us to bring authenticity to the place. To reinvent it. I thought a lot about the style of soil for our kitchen. I thought for a while of cement tiles . Finally, they will be old tiles, recovered. I’m going to marry them to minimalist kitchen furniture .

Tomette, the big comeback?

THE TOMETTE IS A VERY OLD FLOORING. That’s why I’m not going to tell you about the trend of tomettes, it would be really ridiculous. The tiles are terracotta tiles hexagonal or square. They have their origins in the south, where they are completely integrated in the Provencal style, Mediterranean. However, they are not specific to this region and are widespread throughout France (and the world in general). It is a basic floor covering.

The trend is mainly due to their re-interpretation of form and colors. Modernity comes from the way we use them, divert them, marry them.

The color of the tomette

A tomette is therefore a terracotta malon used for paving floors. ITS COLOR DEPENDS ON THE ORIGIN OF THE CLAY THAT COMPOSES IT, ITS IRON CONTENT AND ITS COOKING. Traditionally, it is dark red, but there are various colors: brick, beige, rosé thanks to clay mixtures and cooking. I’m not a fan of the red tomette, I prefer it by far pink, salmon (dixit my article on this color) , weathered . It is easier to adopt in a setting because less present.

Deco side

The tomette is suitable for all rooms.  Its red color, orange, makes it very present. Some will talk about heat, because red is the hot color par excellence. For my part, I do not know if it’s such a good point. The example of this Marseilles apartment or this kitchen are perfect examples. We only see it!

In general, when you have tomettes you opt for a clear decor . However, you can also  dare dark walls or gray.  For a traditional style, we put “old” wallpapers. If you want to escape the country style rustic Provencal, either opts for minimalist white cream minimalist. Or in a more contemporary genre, we are aiming bright accents of blue, green, accents of black and fun wallpaper .

Where to buy tomettes?

A little research on your favorite search engine, and you will find the list of manufacturers, distributors and even resellers of old tiles. [Personally, we found some on Le Bon Coin. The person removed all the floors from the house he had just renovated. We negotiated them at € 20 per m2. ]

How to maintain them?

It all depends on their origin and quality. The tiles  terracotta  or floor tiles  are available in different finishes: glazed, smooth or patinated. They may have been crafted or not. If the terracotta floors are 100% natural [usually old soils], their maintenance  is more delicate because of their extreme porosity. Traditional products are therefore the best solution for their maintenance, such as black soap. We can add a little liquid wax maintenance to feed the terracotta. To protect them, we give them flaxseed oil

But I will not dwell on the maintenance of tomettes. Your favorite hardware store will know the solutions and products that will suit your floor better than me

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