The characteristics of the layout of the kitchen in I and double I

The characteristics of the layout of the kitchen in I and double I

The 2016 trend in cuisine is purifying and functionality, two characteristics that sit perfectly with the layout of the kitchen in I or double I. If this type of configuration is sometimes limited in large spaces , its benefits are very real if you have a reduced floor space.

The kitchen layout in I

The kitchen in I, what is it?

The I-kitchen is above all a practical and functional set . It is one of the most common types of layouts and refers to a configuration in which furniture and all appliances are aligned on a single wall with elevated elements.

To designate it, one speaks fluently of linear kitchen or kitchen in corridor , because of its narrowness and its geometry which privileges the length .

The layout of the kitchen in I is indeed intended for reduced areas of between 5 and 10 m². Popular with students, singles, young couples and city dwellers living in cramped quarters, it is ideal for small spaces , open or semi-open kitchens .

The refined I kitchen fits perfectly into large volumes , enhancing the living room. The possibilities of design are then numerous, the decoration in rupture or in harmony with the room to live falling of the aesthetic choices of each one.

In small spaces , the arrangement of the kitchen in I requires the installation of high furniture and / or shelves. Its layout is along the length of the room and must be thought to optimize this implementation. The most used furniture in this type of room:

- the drawers and fronts without handle,
- the cabinets of intermediate depth and of great height offering a sufficient volume of storage .

Benefits and limitations

If the layout of the kitchen in I uses only one piece of wall, the room is nevertheless equipped like a big one. The materials and tips offered by the kitchen designers are full of inventiveness and it seems advisable to consult the opinion of a professional to carry out his accessoirisation movable or electroménagère .

Its main advantages are:

- practical,
- functional,
- not very greedy in place,
- accessible to small budgets.

In the kitchen in I , the proliferation of gadgets and sophisticated facilities is against almost always proscribed, the lack of surface often proving unacceptable to this kind of development . Even if the specialists of the new technologies will always find the parade in order to design a high tech kitchen .

People accustomed to working behind the stove will probably not find their account. The I-kitchen often has a small work plan and is not necessarily dedicated to the multiplication of culinary tasks .

Storage and appliances are also reduced to a minimum. The refrigerator is often integrated in a cabinet in height and the oven placed in a low box .

Certainly, some innovative ideas can brighten up the basic layout of the kitchen in I but the possibilities available to you are not legion. However, a dining table that slips into a closet or fall back against a wall and stackable chairs , stored in a corner out of use, are solutions to consider.

The Kitchen doubles I

How is she?

Adjacent to the kitchen I , the kitchen doubles I includes two linear furniture , placed face-to-face along two walls of the room.

This implementation made in the direction in the length is very suitable for rectangular kitchens whose width is reduced .

One of the founding principles of the layout of the kitchen in double I is not to have the refrigerator , sink and cooking area along one wall in order to avoid unnecessary travel (there it is easier to turn from one point to another).

If the room has a minimal area , it is possible to arrange a small dining area .

Unlike the I-kitchen , the double I layout allows you to store a maximum number of appliances and offers a nice space for cooking . Recessed in the wall, the shelves create a space of practical and aesthetic arrangement , while the possibilities of design and installation of the work plan are more varied. Nothing forbids choosing more or less luxurious decorative materials such as glass , marble or granite .

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