The furniture of craft are invited in all the rooms

The furniture of craft are invited in all the rooms

Revisited in practical and functional furniture for today’s homes, the furniture of yesteryear seduce us with their timeless style, atypical, but especially by the story they transmit to us. Bar counter, butcher’s block, haberdasher ‘s shop , construction workbench, minister’s desk, draper’s … they are filled with pretty little details as ingenious as they are ingenious, which will allow you to store all your dishes and decorative accessories with disconcerting ease. Antique furniture or revisited, they will bring the stamp and an authentic touch to all your spaces.

Haberdashery chest: Unparalleled storage possibilities

Practical and versatile, haberdashery furniture is at the heart of the trend this year. Solicited by the decorators and the amateurs of decoration, they bring for sure a cachet without pareil and a traditional side revisited to the arrangement of a room. In raw material or patina, this furniture with multiple drawers knows how to meet all our needs thanks to its large storage capacity. Authentic or industrial style at Maisons du Monde, contemporary at Bloomingville, two-tone at Comptoir de Famille or deliciously vintage at Interior’s, now you make your choice.

The charm of the draper’s furniture

Formerly used to cut the fabric footage, the furniture of drapery are now essential in the world of decoration. Diverted from their original function, they now adapt with simplicity and elegance to all parts of the house. Housed in a spacious entrance, in a dining room or in a bathroom , these consoles very robust will bring an eighteenth century touch of decor and cachet to all your spaces. They will also allow you to store all your trinkets and small items. From then on, how not to succumb to the charm of the draper’s furniture.

Butcher’s bill, the ally of the kitchens

Witness to our past, the butcher’s block keeps its history and adapts with disconcerting ease to the current needs of households. Ideal for cutting meat and food without having to take out the traditional cutting board, it has found a place of choice in our homes and especially in our kitchens . Combining a unique aesthetic with a utility function out of the ordinary this beautiful piece of furniture adapts to all your decorative desires. Molding and varnished wood for a traditional style, clean curves and straight lines for a contemporary look … it is the ideal and reassuring companion of all our kitchens

The bistro decor invites itself in your living room

In love with the bistro style ? Find the charm, the warm and friendly atmosphere of old-fashioned bistros thanks to the wooden counters. Very practical, they will certainly know how to seduce your friends at the cocktail hour. Raw wood for a small bistro style, lacquered or purified for a more contemporary decor, all styles exist to allow you to best match this piece of furniture to your decor.

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