the various guarantees for the construction or renovation of a house

the various guarantees for the construction or renovation of a house

For any construction or renovation work that you wish to achieve, each company always has the obligation to offer you contractual guarantees. These are required whether it is a simple craftsman, a large construction company or a self-entrepreneur. This professional must take care of the imperfections and solve them within a period agreed with the owner.

A control of the building site, the reception visit

As soon as the craftsman has finished his intervention, he will call you for a visit of the site. This will aim to verify the conformity of the realization with what the owner has decided with the craftsman and that the work is done properly. At this very moment, reservations can be recorded if certain errors or imperfections in the work are noted. Then, the contractor will solve these problems and restore the condition.

The different guarantees according to its use

The guarantee of perfect completion (article 1792.6 of the civil code)

All defects, whatever they are (paint that blisters, door that stuck, roof leaking), are covered for a year. In order to apply this guarantee, report the problem without delay by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt and ask the craftsman to intervene on a date you have set. 

The guarantee of the equipment (article 1792.3 of the civil code)

It concerns equipment that can be dismantled without modifying the structural work (boiler, taps, shutters for example). For two years, they are guaranteed by the craftsman. In case of failure, notify the contractor by registered letter. He has the duty to repair or replace them. 

The ten-year guarantee (articles 1792, 1792.2 and 2270 of the civil code)

Defects that appear within ten years, preventing the normal use of housing, are covered by this warranty. This will be the case in particular for damage that compromises the solidity of the building (collapse of a wall, collapse of the frame for example) or makes the construction unsuitable for its destination (the leaking roof). The equipment inseparable from the structural work (rupture of a pipe embedded in a wall) are also concerned. As soon as the disaster appears, notify your property damage insurance insurer by registered letter. You will be able to quickly collect the compensation required to make the repairs. 

Property damage insurance

When your renovation works fall under the ten-year guarantee, you must take out a damage insurance. It will allow you to be compensated for repairs without waiting for the manufacturer’s responsibilities to be established. 

How to opt for a self-entrepreneur?

Not only in the Guadeloupean region, self-entrepreneurship has developed almost in all sectors of activity and, most often in the building industry. But, every auto-entrepreneur has his own principle and different skills wherever he operates in all parts of the world. Some may provide assistance to the individual for repair work: troubleshoot equipment, unclog a sink or restore an electrical outlet. Others are prodigious handyman craftsmen who readily introduce themselves as knowledgeable professionals to do heavy work. However, for these operations, the workers must be certified as professionals. The best way not to be wrong is to assemble a maximum of testimonials about his achievements. More, 

Latest useful tips

If your interlocutor does not perform the repair on the desired date, you have the obligation to seize the judge of the district court before the expiry of the deadlines of one, two or ten years from the reception.

So that you can request home renovation assistance in Guadeloupe, Martinique and Guyana , it is recommended that you inquire with an experienced craftsman who knows all the regulations in force not to neglect or address you directly in a professional company of the building of your choice

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