The various renovation paints to revamp his kitchen

The various renovation paints to revamp his kitchen

Reviving one’s kitchen without having to undertake major work is quite possible by choosing the solution of renovation by painting. Zoom on the available materials and budget you will need to revive the walls of your room, its floor or furniture. All at an economical price, well below that of classic landscaping!

The different types of renovation paint

Dress up the kitchen with a renovation paint

The renovation of paintings specialized help refresh and restyle her kitchen while controlling the cost of the operation . They represent an intermediate solution used by many individuals to avoid major work. They adapt to different media:

- tiling,
- splashback,  floor
- furniture
- walls.

Here are the most common types of renovation paint  :

Renovation paint for earthenware and wall tile

The renovation of paintings for the different pottery and tile models are designed to withstand water, heat, grease and household products .

They offer many design possibilities by the colors, effects and shades available. There are also renovation paints that mask the joints by covering them to unify the surface and make it smooth.

Beware however when buying: the application is not the same way according to brands  ! Check the installation instructions on each pot. The best is to ask your seller for advice.

Products suitable for repainting furniture

A specialized painting perfectly renovates the furniture of a built-in kitchen . Resistant to grease stains, moisture and household products, it also allows you to decorate furniture to your liking .

Today, furniture and cabinet renovation paints cover melamine , laminate or varnished wood without any problem.

Reviving one’s kitchen has never been easier with the type of new substances that manufacturers have been offering in recent years.

On the other hand, if most of them pride themselves on offering renovation paints that do not require underlayment, it is advisable to lightly sand the surface to be painted with a sandpaper. This operation leads to a better adhesion of the painting.

Thoroughly washing the furniture before the operation to remove any greasy residue is also necessary.

Repainting the kitchen floor

The renovation paint for the floors is widespread. It allows to revamp his kitchen in large widths  !

The different types of tiles and concrete can be completely covered by this new type of paint. You can decide to switch from a rustic or industrial kitchen style to a more contemporary or even modern design .

However, even if their hiding power is undeniable, some low-end renovation paints are fragile over time.

Scratches, scrapes and other shocks can damage them quickly . The reputable products allow them to restore the floor in the rooms where it is very damaged, all for a moderate investment .

Warning ! Ask the manufacturer about the resistance of the renovation paint to certain types of cleaning products, especially if you use a steam device to wash your floors.

Budget and advice to revamp his kitchen

Purchase prices according to the types of painting

There are many varieties of renovation paints . Their prices vary according to their qualityand the installation medium  : wood, tiles, concrete, etc.

We have listed as an indication the most common renovation paints on the market in order to revamp the kitchen . Prices shown are for average rates per square meter.

Renovation resin for furniture and walls

This product is applied in two steps, color first , followed by a protective resin in matte or glossy finish. Price: from 16 to 20 euros  ;

Renovation paint for earthenware and tiles

Highly resistant to moisture , it can be applied to earthenware, listels and tiles. Price: from 2 to 15 euros  ;

Renovation paint for wood and melamine furniture

It exists with or without underlayment , with or without prior sanding . It offers varied effects, the possibilities of design are multiple. Price: from 2 to 8 euros  ;

Special paint for the floor to revamp the kitchen

Anti-humidity and resistant to trampling , its installation requires a conscientious workand a good preliminary cleaning. Price: from 3 to 25 euros .

If you want to entrust your renovation painting work to a professional, the hourly rate of a painter is generally between 15 and 25 euros depending on the region, excluding supply.

Some tips to revamp his kitchen

The renovation of paintings are perfect to revamp a kitchen inexpensively, without having to break or disrupt the configuration of the room. This deco solution does not require substantial work , even if you will need to bring specific equipment and patience, as well as a minimum of know-how .

Let’s not forget that the renovation of the kitchen by painting is above all a job . Nothing, however, prevents you from doing small jobs.

In terms of equipment , if you want to relook the kitchen by painting , you will need:

- of brushes specific,
- an adhesive masking,
- of sandpaper ,
- a primary grip for some paints,
- a tarpaulin to protect the soil.

Warning ! The optimal drying times of some renovation paints can be very long, up to 21 days for some of them!

If you feel overwhelmed by the situation, do not hesitate to take advice from a seasoned specialist . He will guide you in your choice of a quality renovation painting , and will guide you in your work. And if you do not really feel the soul of a painter, entrusting him with the management of the building site will not necessarily explode your budget .

Renovating or relooking your kitchen does not always mean breaking everything and redoing the room in its entirety. Repainting the scene often produces a very effective innovative effect, even if this task requires some fingering and taste! It is up to you then to know how to choose the right color and the right tone in order to harmoniously associate the various elements of your kitchen. No doubt you will know how to do it!
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