What styles of cuisine to choose, must we give in to trends?

styles of cuisine to choose, must we give in to trends

Always very trendy in cooking, copper is an idea of ​​authentic and contemporary decoration at the same time. It is found in the rough through many elements, objects and utensils, as well as tinting on walls and furniture. It also brings a touch of design to the interior. Here are listed the many assets of the copper kitchen.

The advantages of the copper kitchen

Decoration idea: the copper kitchen

A noble, elegant and even luxurious material

Although the trend is to purify and sober colors in kitchen decorating , copper still occupies a special place. Symbol of eternity and luxury without ostentation, it illuminates the kitchen and gives it a small industrial side currently very fashionable.

At the time of the big basins, pots and famous pans in which our ancestors prepared their recipes succeeded that of the modern development , the technologies employed by the decorators offering multiple possibilities of design to the kitchen in copper .

Brilliant and warm, battered or smooth, old or new, copper is a material obsolete. It is not so ! He now invests the kitchen giving it a resolutely contemporary and warm appearance .

Bring copper into the kitchen

Since ancient times , copper has fascinated. At that time, it was not just used to make tools for everyday use. It also attracted attention by its possibilities of decoration . It is the oldest metal used by man. The copper kitchen may have been born well before JC!

Whether it is the material of manufacture of the elements of the kitchen or exploited as a covering of the furniture – by means of paint or plates of brushed aluminum dyed with a metallic metallic color – the copper represents an idea of ​​decoration traditional or contemporary , or a mix of both.

The color of copper warms the atmosphere and brings a high-end touch to the kitchen . As a material, it can be used in many ways, whether new or recovery. If it likes so much, it’s probably because it illuminates the current interiors , very often dominated by white or gray. It sparkles and creates a light effect .

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