Which style of cuisine suits you best?

style of cuisine suits you best

When you embark on a new kitchen, there are many things to consider. It must be functional, with sufficient storage, good appliances, practical work plans, it is well lit, friendly … But an equally crucial element and sometimes more difficult to define is the style that we want to give him! In this article, Macuisine-Moncoah presents the three main styles of cooking to help you get to know them better and choose the one that is right for you!

Contemporary style, to cook with his time.

In search of an elegant and refined kitchen? Contemporary kitchens should please you! In this atmosphere, we aspire to a certain simplicity, to see minimalism. The most important thing is that the kitchen is practical and that we spend pleasant moments! The preferred materials in contemporary style are natural wood species such as oak for light tones or walnut for a deeper and darker, slightly vintage look. We avoid varnished finishes, but no worries, these materials are treated to withstand everything that happens in a kitchen! An alliance between light and white wood will give a result completely in the Scandinavian trend! We can easily combine wood with wood stainless steel for example for a modern touch that will remind the great kitchens of gourmets. But why not also polished concrete worktops for a falsely raw result but completely chic! Discover the LEICHT kitchen

Traditional cuisine, which rhymes rustic and practical.

You’re nostalgic for old-fashioned meals cooked by your grandmother, but you want all the comforts of our time? Traditional cuisine is probably the one that suits you best. This style is all about authenticity and friendliness and it will be ideal in a family home revisited, to favor large spaces. The cachet of the slightly worked wooden cupboards invites moments of sharing with the family. We can choose wood furniture or opt for cream, fairly neutral tones. In finishing, there are preferably wrists of the button or shell type. This type of cuisine is particularly warm, to choose from if you see this space as a real place to live to eat with your family. Discover THE FRENCH CUISINE.

Design kitchen that puts the eye.

Looking above all for a sophisticated and modern rendering? The design trend is for you! In this style of cooking, we will favor open surfaces on a living room and lacquered furniture for an effect “wooh” immediate. Most often all the elements will be the same color to really create a set but we can also play on a duet of colors. You can go to a bright white that will give a very futuristic look to your kitchen, or more colors to highlight the character of the room! Lacquered in addition to having a very clean finish has the advantage of being bright, an important point especially if you are looking to develop a small space! For a kitchen design, we will favor systems of invisible handles for cupboards, for example, magnetic doors and drawers that respond to a small pressure, or discrete grooves that will blend in perfectly with the design of the room. In order to perfect the design look into the details, lighting can be integrated directly into the furniture. LED strips can, for example, beautifully outline the outline of a central island or spots to illuminate your work plans.Discover the LINEAQUATTRO kitchen We hope that all these tracks will help you find your way around the kitchen in a little easier way! If you need additional advice to make your choice or if you already know what you want, do not hesitate to contact us to talk about your project! Our interior architects can guide you to achieve the kitchen of your dreams while taking into account your space and your budget! Contact us!

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